Louis Vuitton ultimate journey, explore travel grade.

In Louis Vuitton’s world, cheap travel is the eternal theme. Starting in 1854, Louis Vuitton for the rest of the world explorers, pioneers, celebrities, politicians, fashion travelers designed a myriad of exquisite and elegant outlet suitcases, create a true art of travel.

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Now, the new Louis Vuitton adventure journey has been fully set off! In the wild uninhibited in South Africa, Louis Vuitton iconic outlet Monogram canvas once again usher in a new challenge: Barren grasslands, wildlife to catch up……Monogram how to be cheap strong and durable at the same time, achieve be always leading the fashion trend taste?

This cheap material by George Vuitton invented in 1896, is a pioneering work of Louis Vuitton brand, it is the perfect cheap partner to the journey. It is soft, lightweight, waterproof, cheap durable, and of course, extremely elegant; So far, Louis Vuitton has been outlet to all over the world.

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In Louis Vuitton’s new advertising film, two brave travelers will be accompanied by three Louis Vuitton classic handbags, Neverfull, Keepall and Speedy, set foot on “the explore the ultimate journey of elegance”. Montaigne and Marais the two new outlet style of the Louis Vuitton, for the first time set foot on the journey.

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Do not ask where to go, just ask yourself where he was. This spirit of freedom is more stressed Louis Vuitton perpetual modern fashion.

Louis Vuitton 2016 autumn and winter Paris Fashion Week show

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As the 2016 autumn and winter Paris fashion week of the grand finale outlet show, the Louis Vuitton still continue 2016 spring and summer youthful vigor. This time once again to be full of close to the future of a sense of simplicity and a retro cheap style lines and patterns of color and other details, shaping a shuttle in the past and the future time travelers image.

Louis Vuitton 2016 early autumn ladies apparel series release

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Louis Vuitton ladies apparel series of three iconic theme, the composition of the 2016 early autumn series.

new styles classic: Exquisite perfection of style, calling the deep tradition of the French classic brand.
High-end sports: Show dynamism of comfortable and smooth movement, and the spirit of luxury.
Dream Adventure: A new era of uninhibited declaration, the whole world at your fingertips.

To build a complete design concept of women’s wardrobe throughout, Louis Vuitton the 2016 early autumn series show a rigid and soft androgynous style and artistic creativeness freely flowing style of writing. Exquisite detail, observation angle of view and the person’s temperament. Unlimited possibility of hidden among them, the wardrobe set off a journey of adventure.

Follow the footsteps of Louis Vuitton, step across time and space, natural and cultural beauty of the journey.

Louis Vuitton always and cheap travel are inseparable, “travel” is not only reflected in the Louis Vuitton bags, is not limited to the commercial film in the around the world of gorgeous scenes, cheap travel has been elevated as a fashion lifestyle, a daring adventure and challenge, and the spirit of calm and ease.

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Louis Vuitton the soul of the brand is “cheap travel”, whether it is the beginning of the establishment, or now the development of a wide range of luxury goods, lifestyle brands, this keyword are throughout. Outlet penetrates into different product line, brand activity and so on, a fashion show on the slow moving antique train, footsteps throughout the world “City Tour”, high grade “Art of Packing”……

From a more diversified point of view, feel the connotation of the “handbags” spirit.